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Dr Marisa Marciano

Naturopathic Doctor & Registered Herbalist (AHG) 

Recognized for her expertise in both the education and clinical applications of Herbal Medicine, Dr. Marciano believes in the bodyโ€™s innate capacity to heal when provided with the ancient knowledge & foundational therapeutic potential of plant medicine in all its forms.


Please note that Dr. Marciano is not currently accepting new patients at this time.

If you are already a patient, consultations can be made by contacting her directly to arrange your next appointment.


A place for all things herbal medicine.

Created and maintained by Dr. Marisa Marciano.

A perpetual labour of love, this site offers an overview of the possibilities of plant medicine and is intended to serve the hobby herbalist, medical student and/or professional health practitioner as a relevant and reliable source of botanical information.


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