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What I Do

As a primary care practitioner, I recommend treatments that are safe, effective, and whenever possible, mirror the body's natural biochemistry. 

The foundation of my medical approach is focused primarily on phytotherapeutics - that is using food (optimizing the diet) & plant-based medicines (such as custom blended botanical formulations) to help you to heal. I often also employ manual & energetic therapies (such as acupuncture & craniosacral), lifestyle & emotional counselling, nutritional supplementation, and integration of pharmaceutical medications when necessary, all while providing the medical supervision required to monitor your progress toward freedom from dis-ease. 

My general approach to health aims to support the basics of a health-full life by creating the conditions for:

  • A nourishing & individualized diet
  • Rejuvenating sleep
  • Smooth digestion
  • Optimal energy
  • Balanced mental, emotional, and physical health

What each of us truly needs to heal and how best to achieve health varies greatly. My role involves customizing a health plan to meet your unique needs, and which will support the innate healing wisdom of your body.  

What to Expect

Whether you're new to Naturopathic Medicine entirely or have been to see an ND before, it's important to recognize that whether MD, ND, herbalist or the like, every health care practitioner will have their own "flavour" of practicing, and ensuring that your personal needs & expectations are matched as closely as possible to those of your health care practitioner provides a crucial foundation for optimum care. 

In general, I like to start simply, incorporating reasonable but meaningful changes into your life to begin alleviating your current symptoms. Treatment will require a nominal amount of effort on your part, as true health manifests through the willingness to change, and the refinement of our daily choices, actions and beliefs.

Though I will at times recommend medications and/or nutritional supplementation, more often I am aimed at minimizing the number of pills one takes per day. In most cases, creating custom compounded herbal formulations (such as teas & tinctures) and combining them with a therapeutic dietary prescription is my preferred method of treatment. 

Note: Be sure to check with your extended health coverage, as most plans recognize the benefit of reducing the financial barriers Naturopathic care.