Meet Your Reliable, Quick Reference Herbal Guide

Years ago in Naturopathic medical school, I started a website to help me organize my notes and support my herbal studies. Now as an instructor of Herbal Medicine at the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine & The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, I've had the honour of sharing it's content in my own classroom and with budding hobby & medical herbalists around the world. 

A perpetual labour of love, since 2011 The Naturopathic Herbalist has been devoted to offering free online access to high quality herbal learning, and has since evolved into The Botanical Medicine Manual, a multidisciplinary, integrated guide available for students, clinicians & instructors.

This book gives top quality content that you'll refer to often in class, for board exams & in clinical practice. It offers an overview of the possibilities of plant medicine and is intended to serve the hobby herbalist, medical student and/or professional health practitioner as a relevant and reliable source of botanical information. Topics include, study tips, Botanical Actions, Constituents, Pharmacy, 140 Plant Monographs, Nutrition information and much more... 


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